Argon Gas Windows Installation

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Argon Gas Windows

Best Buy Windows and Siding knows North Texas homeowners are concerned about saving money and energy, and argon gas-filled windows will help reduce energy costs. The major concern is the amount of heat transferring through the window from the outside through bright sunlight and warm air.

Gas-filled windows – using argon (5 1/2 times denser than regular air) – decrease the heat convection currents between the panes of glass, reducing the overall transfer of heat from the outdoors to the interior of your home.

Homeowners have more options than ever when it comes to windows. If you’re like most, you have some key priorities for your replacements. You want durable, energy-efficient products that improve your home’s curb appeal. Argon gas windows have a unique structure.

With their insulated glass, they can improve both your home’s appearance and its comfort levels inside. Keep reading to learn more about gas-filled windows — and what they can do for you.

Argon Gas-Filled Window Installation

Gas-filled windows work extremely well deflecting heat, providing better insulation, saving you money by reducing energy consumption, allowing you to retain a much more comfortable home.

Insulated glass is critical to any residential window system because argon gas deflects the sun radiating through the glass panes during hot months while holding heat in better during the winter. Last but not least, argon gas-filled windows help reduce frost and condensation on the window, which increases the longevity of your home. Argon gas windows, energy star rated too, offer better insulation than natural windows because the gas is heavier than air. There are also triple pane argon-filled windows that provide two layers of insulation.

Features of Argon Gas Windows

Argon gas windows are also called “insulated glass units” thanks to how they’re constructed. Each window consists of at least two panes of glass. Gas is inserted between these panes to help create an additional barrier between your interiors and outdoor spaces.
You may see some models with additional glass panes. And like double-pane windows, triple-pane windows contain gas in each layer.

These multi-pane windows filled with argon offer some great benefits over single-pane windows:

  • Argon is denser and has lower thermal conductivity
  • Argon is non-toxic and safer than other gasses
  • Windows filled with argon don’t fog up inside
  • Gas-filled windows come in a wide range of styles
  • They use low-E glass coating to improve insulation

Argon Gas Windows Benefits

  • Increased R-values
  • Increases the soundproofing characteristics
  • Minimizes heat exchange through the window
  • Triple pane windows offer superior benefits than even double pane argon gas windows
  • Reduces the possibility of condensation and frost
  • At Best Buy Windows and Siding, Argon gas is standard in every window we well

Can Argon Gas-Filled Windows Get Replaced in Old Windows?

Once you have argon gas windows, proper maintenance is vital to their continued performance. That means periodically checking each window frame and its hinges to ensure there are no leaks. Regular cleaning is also key. And if you do notice condensation, this indicates that you may have a leak. Fortunately, the professionals who installed your custom windows can reseal them or inject more argon. If there’s extensive damage, they may recommend window replacements.

Importance of Argon Gas

Argon gas-filled windows are a popular option, but some versions contain krypton gas instead. Both are noble gasses, which means that they have no color or odor. They’re also stable, so they rarely interact with other gasses. And unlike pure oxygen, argon and krypton contain no moisture that can promote condensation.

With its greater density plus its lower thermal conduction properties, argon in gas-filled windows doesn’t readily permit the transfer of heat or cold. Many versions boast lower solar heat gain coefficient and U-factor ratings. These efficient windows offer stellar insulation properties, so they can help lower your energy bills.

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