Triple-Pane Double-Hung Windows Near Dallas, TX

Triple Pane Windows

Triple-pane double-hung replacement windows open from both the top and the bottom. This makes the windows easy to clean since both sashes can be tilted inward. Best Buy Windows and Siding’s triple pane double hung windows offer superior styling, handcrafted quality, and exceptional long-term performance.

Why Double-Hung Windows Are the Go-To for American Homes

Double-hung windows are attractive, durable, easy-to-maintain, and offer great ventilation. You can find them in homes across the United States. They are so popular that you could point to almost any home in the Dallas area and spot double-hung windows. With so many benefits, it is easy to see why.

This type of window features two sashes (moving sections). The upper and lower sash can both be moved up and down vertically. So, you can open either section to let air in. Plus, double-hung windows are designed so that the sashes can be tilted inwards. This makes it easy to clean both the inside and outside of the windows while indoors, making them perfect for upper-level windows.

Furthermore, the double-hung design can be easily latched in the middle, typically with two latches. This makes them very secure while also providing a good seal to keep drafts out. The simple design and positive characteristics of this style of window are why homeowners around the country count on it.

Available in Different Shapes and Sizes

Although the traditional double-hung design has two equally sized sashes, you can find variants with unequal sections. This can be helpful for homeowners that want to be able to ventilate a space without creating a big enough hole for a pet or child to climb through, for example. It can also help create a more unique and custom look for your home. Whatever your needs, we can help you realize them.

Advantages of Triple Pane Windows

Most modern windows have multiple panes of glass with either a vacuum or a special gas such as argon between them. This helps to make them highly effective at insulation because heat and noise cannot transfer easily between the panes of glass.

Since the mid-20th century, double-pane windows have become the standard in most places. However, triple-pane offers all the benefits turned up a notch.

Triple-pane windows are quieter, more energy-efficient, cause less condensation, and can provide more protection from the sun’s rays. They are typically a little more expensive than double-pane windows to install. Despite this, they often help homeowners save significantly on their utility bills. So, they are often worthwhile, especially for people who live in hot or cold climates. If you need to heat or cool your home for a good portion of the year, you should seriously consider this option.

How Much Do Triple Pane Windows Cost?

Compared to double-pane windows, you can usually expect to pay around 10% to 15% extra for a triple-pane. However, it is important to note that this number can vary depending on the size and type of window. The best way to determine what the cost will be for you is to call Best Buy Windows & Siding and ask for a quote. We will be happy to discuss the different window options with you to help you find the right product.

Performance Features and Benefits of Best Buy Windows & Siding Products

At Best Buy Windows & Siding, we only use the best quality products. If you choose us to install your new windows, these are some of the benefits you will enjoy:

  • Triple-pane insulating glass provides optimal energy efficiency without compromising visibility
  • Warm-edge spacer system maximizes energy efficiency and improves seal performance of insulated glass units
  • Fusion Welded, multi-chambered frame and sash for superior strength and energy-efficiency
  • Interlocking sashes help reduce air infiltration
  • Metal-reinforced meeting rail delivers superior strength and durability
  • Spring-loaded night latches keep the window secure even when partially opened, providing ventilation without sacrificing safety and security
  • Latching extruded half screen with Clarity Screen™ mesh offers 50% clearer view than standard fiberglass screen, allows fresh air in, and keeps pests out
  • Dual-opposing locks create a stronger, safer seal
  • Tilt-in sashes for easy cleaning
  • Double Low E and Argon Gas
  • Meets or exceeds Energy Star requirements
  • Maximum Energy Efficient and sound reduction
  • Affordable financing options available
  • Lifetime glass breakage
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Expert installation

Choose Best Buy Windows & Siding for Your Window Installation and Repair Needs

Best Buy Windows & Siding offers all the window products, repairs, and installations you may need. We are here to help you turn your vision for your home into a reality. At Best Buy Windows & Siding you pay for quality, not a name! We can help you decide which windows are the best fit for your home. Call 214-736-9971 or just click on the Contact us and get started today.