Patio door styles

Choosing a Patio Door: A Guide

Open up your home with a beautiful patio door. Few items help connect your indoor and outdoor living areas like patio doors. Install a new door to connect to your deck or patio and make summertime entertaining easy, or update your existing door with a safe, energy-efficient replacement. Use this guide to find the ideal… Continue reading

Advantages of double hung windows in residential applications

The Differences Between Double and Single-Hung Windows

Open up your home and enjoy a surprisingly affordable renovation with replacement windows. Consider how you can improve your home with the latest double-hung and single-hung windows. Compare these two options today to determine the differences and discover why Best Buy Windows and Siding is your premier partner for purchasing and installing windows in Texas.… Continue reading

Rain drops on an energy star window

4 Money-Saving Reasons to Switch to Energy Star Windows

The cost of energy-efficient windows will vary depending on the exact type you get. The good news is that Energy Star windows will help you recover the cost quickly by saving you money on heating and air conditioning costs. These savings can be especially sizeable in warm climates like we have here in the Dallas-Fort… Continue reading

Man looking through newly replaced low-e glass

How Do Low-E & Argon Gas Windows Increase Efficiency?

People who are looking for the best replacement windows to increase energy efficiency have probably heard about Low-E glass by now. Low-E, which is short for Low Emittance, is used to describe a coating that can be applied to glass. Low-E coating is colorless and non-toxic, so it won’t affect the safety or appearance of… Continue reading

Signs its time to upgrade to vinyl replacement windows

6 Signs That It’s Time to Upgrade to Vinyl Windows

Except for in extreme cases, it can be difficult for many homeowners and landlords to know when it’s time to replace their windows. Home improvement projects like upgrading to vinyl windows cost money, and we find that people normally want to know what kind of return on investment they can get. The good news is… Continue reading

Different types of replacement windows and which is best

Wood vs Metal vs Vinyl Replacement Windows

Deciding on replacement windows can be a big decision for homeowners and landlords. There are various factors to consider, as it’s important to find a solution that will both look great, last a long time, and improve energy efficiency. While there are many different styles and sizes of windows, there are three main choices for… Continue reading

Dallas TX Vinyl Replacement Windows

Best Buy Windows and Siding is your number one source for windows, vinyl siding and patio covers. We offer a vast selection of products that are designed to be stylish, affordable and energy efficient. We have a strong commitment to our customers as we treat their homes as if they were our own. We handle… Continue reading

Low-E Glass Window Installation in Dallas TX

If you have noticed your utility bills rising higher and higher each year, you may not need a new HVAC system, but the problem could be with your windows. Old, inefficient windows allow air from the outside into your home and air from inside to leak out. The wrong type of windows can even increase… Continue reading

Dallas TX Vinyl Siding Installation

Painting a home once requires not only an investment in time and paint, but it means that you will repeat the entire process in a few years. Break out of the cycle of painting your home and have vinyl siding installed instead. This option is durable, long-lasting, and great looking. For vinyl siding in Dallas,… Continue reading

Custom Window Design and Installation in Dallas, TX

Dallas is a wonderful place to work, bring up a family and enjoy life. Our Dallas TX custom window installation experts at Best Buy Windows & Siding employees are proud to live in the Dallas area and to have met their customers home improvement needs for many years. Hundreds of satisfied Dallas homeowners have selected… Continue reading