Energy Star Window Installation in North Texas

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Energy Star Windows. Energy Star is a term that almost every homeowner is familiar with when thinking of windows, appliances, and other items that the Department of Energy monitors. As a premier window replacement company, Best Buy Windows and Siding promotes energy efficiency in every window we install.

Who wouldn’t want to save money on energy bills? Every dime we can save is critical with the present economy, as many people struggle with an escalated cost of living, including higher heating and cooling costs. It’s a fact older windows leak and are inefficient making your furnace and air conditioner work harder, causing higher heating and cooling costs. Energy Star replacement windows can help you save money by improving your energy efficiency and lowering utility bills.

Energy Star Windows Advantages

Energy Star windows come with a number of great benefits. To qualify for the rating, a window needs to be…

  1. Manufactured through a company that is an Energy Star partner.
  2. Independently tested and certified by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC).
  3. Compliant to meet stringent energy-efficient guidelines set by the DOE.

As of January 2010, Energy Star-qualified windows are meeting new performance levels. For a window to be energy efficient, it must meet these qualifications:

  • Quality Frame Materials – Framing materials need to be durable with minimal maintenance, helping reduce heat transfer and providing better insulation.
  • Multiple Panes of Glass – Two or three panes of glass, with a layer of air or argon gas in between, provide better insulation than just a single pane window. More panes mean greater resistance to heat and cold.
  • Gas-Filled Windows – Argon and krypton, both non-toxic gasses, are used inside multi-pane windows to increase insulation and reduce the convection of heat.
  • Double Low-E Glass – These windows contain a special coating that reflects infrared light, which helps to keep the heat inside in the winter and outside in the summer. This coating also reflects UV rays that can be damaging to floors, carpets, and home furnishings.
  • Warm Edge Technology – Thermally designed spacers help insulate the pane edges, cutting down on condensation and keeping glass panes the correct distance apart.

Like any other window, Energy Star windows need to be installed by a professional, like one of about at Best Buy Windows and Siding. They’ll ensure that your windows continue to guard your home against the Texas heat and cold. You can also find us on Google.

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