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What is a Slider Window?

You may not be familiar with the name slider window, but the concept is not a new one. Horizontal sliding windows have come in and out of popularity over the years. Still, the same is the usefulness and universally attractive style if you are considering new windows in your Texas home, picture how a sliding window would work in the space to see if this unique feature is right for you.

Slider Window Features

Windows with a sliding design look similar to a double-hung window, except they are placed horizontally in the frame instead of vertically. Although this type of window looks similar to a double-hung window, the mechanism is very different. Most sliding windows can be slid either to the right or the left, making it more versatile for different interior décor, seating arrangements, desired view, and airflow. Depending on the type of slider you select, such as a 2 vs-3 lite slider window, you may have additional configurations. This type of window can be customized by size and both interior and exterior colors. 

Types of Slider Windows

The full functionality of a sliding window is determined by the window you choose for your home. Two-panel sliders open either to the right or left, with one panel sliding over the other. Another option is a three-panel sliding window. This type is commonly used in larger spaces and has extra functionality due to the additional panel movement. Three-panel sliding windows usually have several movement options, although some options have frozen panes with only certain movable panels. 

  • Left panel slides over the center panel
  • Right panel slides over the center panel
  • Center panel slides over the left panel
  • Center panel slides over the right panel
  • Larger picture window center with left and right side sliders

Slider Window Benefits

Selecting a sliding window over a traditional double-hung window or one large, frozen-pane window has many advantages. For many, the purpose of a window is to enjoy the outdoors’ view, but traditional windows can break up large portions of the view. Choosing one large window removes the capability to open the glass and enjoy fresh air from the outside. Windows that slide horizontally are advantageous because they only have fewer bars to break apart the view, but still benefit from fresh air capabilities. For large picture windows, a three-panel sliding window with a larger center still provides an expansive view, but a side can slide open. 

Aesthetically, slider windows work well with any style of home. Mid-century homes sometimes already have this type of window installed, so upgrading to a new, streamlined, and energy-efficient version is a simple task. Newer homes can be fitted with slider windows in certain areas, such as overlooking a backyard, or installed in areas with natural airflow from the outside. Slider windows are attractive additions to contemporary-style homes and farmhouses alike. 

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