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Discovering Speciality Windows You Didn’t Know Existed

Windows are an essential element in a house, but they are more than just rectangular glass entrances. There are countless window designs for home residents to choose from, not just conventional single or double-hung models. The most unusual design options are specialty windows, and they can elevate a home’s aesthetic appeal and functionality. In this blog post, we will learn more about the most popular types of specialty windows you didn’t know existed.

Bay Windows

Bay windows make a significant impact in any room because they highlight the beautiful view outside. Bay windows extend outwards from the exterior. If you want to make a multi-functional area in your home while broadening the view, these windows are perfect. Bay windows let in lots of natural light and open up space, making them a fantastic choice for small rooms. You can add a comfortable seat or cushion to the bay window so you may enjoy and relax in the natural surroundings.

Skylight Windows

Skylight windows are a perfect method to bring natural sunlight into your property because they are installed in the ceiling or roof. They bring brightness and warmth, enhancing the ambiance effortlessly. If you want to ensure privacy and block any unwanted light from entering your space, consider installing a covering for your skylight. This will provide you with the desired level of privacy and allow you to control the amount of natural light that fills your room.


Whether it’s a retractable blind, a tinted film, or a decorative shade, various options are available to suit your needs and style preferences. Skylights offer a versatile solution for introducing fresh air and allowing hot air to escape, making them highly functional whether installed on your roof or walls. Their multi-functionality adds to their appeal, as they simultaneously enhance ventilation and illuminate spaces.

Picture Windows

As the name implies, picture windows are all about the “picture” or view! Picture windows don’t have grids (those little squares in conventional windows) and are fixed – they don’t open. These windows emphasize the scenery by framing a beautiful view, providing an uninterrupted view of the outdoors. These picture windows are best suited in a place where the scenery outside your property is eye-catching, for example, outdoor landscaping, a blue ocean, or a majestic mountain range.

Transom Windows

Transom windows are installed above a window or door to add extra light and air to your home. They also add extra depth and visual appeal to your walls. These windows are located above the door, often in a rectangular shape, allowing for better ventilation while not sacrificing space for artwork or shelved adornments. These windows are also known for providing extra architectural detailing, making a room appear more notable in terms of style.

Tilt and Turn Windows

Tilt and turn windows are a trending design element in modern homes. They can be opened in two different ways to accommodate multiple airflow levels. At first, the sash tilts open slightly from the top, allowing a gentle breeze to enter the room. Then, the entire window could be opened to allow maximum ventilation. The handle can be effortlessly set with a single push, enabling a smooth and seamless turning and tilting opening action. This innovative mechanism ensures a convenient and efficient operation, making it a breeze to open and close.


Specialty windows come in various designs, from simple and elegant designs to striking and contemporary fixtures. With so many options available, homeowners can match the design of their dream home with a window design that complements their style.


Speak with one of the professionals at Best Buy Windows & Siding to learn more about customization options and new window trends to ensure your home’s stunning appeal. Start looking for specialty windows that will provide your property with a functional and décor element while you enjoy seeing your home in a whole new light.