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Patio Door Styles Guide

Patio Door Styles. Open up your home with a beautiful patio door. A few items help connect your indoor and outdoor living areas, like patio doors. Install a new door to connect to your deck or patio and make summer entertaining easy, or update your existing door with a safe, energy-efficient replacement. Use this guide to find the ideal patio door for your property in Richardson, Texas, or the surrounding area.

Select a Patio Door Style Type

Patio doors come in an incredible range of styles. Take some time to consider the type of door that best fits your lifestyle and your decor. Here are some popular styles to choose from:

  •  French Patio Doors
  • Sliding Patio Doors
  • Folding Patio Doors

French Doors: Also known as swinging doors. These look just like a traditional door but typically have two doors installed side by side for a larger entrance. French doors are often desired for a dramatic, luxurious look.

Sliding Doors: A popular and affordable option for your home. This option is surprisingly affordable and still offers plenty of light and a large, convenient doorway. Pick up a standard size or ask about custom sizing for a doorway that perfectly matches your home.

Folding Doors: Unique design that can completely open up an entire wall. These doors offer a truly open-concept design. Choose between two and eight panels that are all on a track system. These doors can be opened, accordion-style, to create a unique indoor/outdoor experience.

Select a Material Type

Just like your front door and siding, patio doors come in all ranges of materials. Select your material carefully; Your material choice affects the door’s cost, energy efficiency, and lifespan. Here are the most common materials used for patio doors in Texas:

  • Wood
  • Vinyl
  • Fiberglass
  • Steel or Aluminum

Wood: Excellent option that will add real character to your home. It’s typically more expensive and difficult to maintain, particularly as a sliding door. Be sure to invest in quality sealing services to prevent moisture damage.

Vinyl: Durable, dependable, and affordable. It’s far more resistant to extreme temperatures and can come in a variety of attractive finish options. Match your siding color and material, or go for a bright pop of color to help your doorway stand out.

Fiberglass: Another durable and weather-resistant option. Fiberglass is typically more expensive than vinyl but has a longer lifetime and water resistance. Choose fiberglass for a commonly used door that needs to withstand rain and intense heat.

Steel or Aluminum: Surprisingly rugged and can handle a lot of use. Similar to wood, these materials need to be treated or painted. Otherwise, you may experience rust and corrosion. However, steel can be more affordable than fiberglass and still offer long-lasting security.

Select a Glass Option

Once you’ve selected the patio door design and frame material, it’s time to focus on the glass. Most patio doors have a large, highly visible glass pane, so it’s essential to pick the features you’ll love carefully. Here are some basic features that you need to compare when selecting a type of glass:

A large pane of glass can quickly heat up your home in the warm Texas sun. Look for low-E glass options to minimize UV rays and energy transfer through the glass. This will help keep your home cool and protect against fading flooring due to UV rays.

Consider a patio door with built-in blinds. Blinds and curtains allow you to enjoy privacy and avoid direct sunlight inside your home, so some doors have blinds installed in between two panes of glass. This is a convenient way to keep your blinds protected and clean.

A durable glass pane won’t crack with routine use. Patio doors can be a target for intruders, so be sure your door is durable enough to keep your home safe.

Finally, decorative features help your door feel like a part of your interior design. Grids in the glass, separate panels, and other features create an iconic entryway between your patio and home.

Personalize Your Patio Door

In the end, your patio door in Richardson, TX, needs to be personalized. Consider locking features, hinges, handles, and other details to make your door your own. If you work with one of our window and patio door specialists, you can enjoy the latest designs to set your door apart.

Work With a Dependable Installation Team in Richardson, Texas

Discuss your patio door dreams with our professional team at Best Buy Windows and Siding. Contact us today to start a conversation about your personalized folding patio doors. We offer full-service assistance, from purchasing to installation, to save you money and provide hassle-free home upgrades. Whether you need to replace a broken door or match your new door, windows and siding, work with our team today.

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