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Types of Replacement Windows for Dallas, TX

Types of Replacement Windows. Deciding on replacement windows can be a big decision for homeowners and landlords. There are various factors to consider, as it’s important to find a solution that will both look great, last a long time, and improve energy efficiency. While there are many styles and sizes of windows, there are three main choices for frame materials: wood, aluminum, and vinyl. Vinyl is the most popular choice among most landlords, homeowners, and contractors, but all three types have their own characteristics. Learn more about these options to decide which is best for your property.

Wood Windows

Until vinyl windows came into the picture in the 1970s, wood windows were the norm. Wood is a good building material in general because it can hold up in both hot and cold climates. Some people still like to use costly wood windows when they’re trying to preserve the visual appeal of their historic property. Wood can also be painted with relative ease, which makes it appealing to people who update the color of their property frequently. The downside to wood windows is that they’re expensive and susceptible to damage like rot.

Metal Windows

Aluminum windows aren’t quite as popular as wood or vinyl options, but you still see them from time to time. Metal window frames do offer some benefits, most of which are related to their strength. People may choose aluminum frames for large windows because of their structural integrity. Similarly, aluminum windows are more common for properties in areas where hurricanes are frequent. There are also serious downsides to aluminum windows:

  • They transfer heat and cold, which hurts energy efficiency.
  • The enamel finish on aluminum fades and changes color.
  • They show a lot of damage from chips and dents.

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are the most common preference of property owners and construction professionals because they offer a variety of different benefits:

  • They’re extremely energy efficient because they don’t conduct heat or cold very well.
  • They’re not as expensive to buy and install as wood windows and are often less than ½ of the price.
  • No need to be sanded or painted, which makes installation quick and easy.
  • They last for a long time and require very little maintenance.

The biggest complaint people have about vinyl windows is that they can’t be painted. This used to be a bigger concern before vinyl windows came in so many colors.

Best Type of Windows

The best type of windows for your property will depend somewhat on your specific needs. Unless you have a unique situation that requires wood or metal windows, though, vinyl windows will normally be the best option. Vinyl windows stand up well against discoloration and damage in all but the most extreme climates. Vinyl windows are also known for producing excellent return on investment at almost 75% according to the Cost Vs. Value Report from Remodeling Magazine.

Find Replacement Windows Near Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex

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