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Top 8 Causes of Vinyl Siding Problems and How to Avoid Them

The siding you choose for your house does more than define your style. It is one of the most essential elements to protect your home. When you are updating your siding, the types of house siding are not the only factors that affect its lifespan. Consider the various issues that affect the integrity and longevity of siding when doing home remodels and renovations.


Any type of siding, when supported by wood, can be susceptible to pest damage. Wood siding is particularly vulnerable. From termites to carpenter bees and even woodpeckers, there are a variety of pests that will tunnel through and damage your siding looking for protection or food.

You can use insecticides or hot water streaming through a spray nozzle to remove and prevent pests. It is important to use eco-friendly products on the trees surrounding your home to discourage pests while protecting the nearby vegetation.


If you see warping or buckling on your siding, this is a significant sign of moisture. It can be the result of damage or poor installation. However, when quality vinyl siding is installed correctly, you will find it is more resistant to ultraviolet light, heat, and moisture.

Poor Maintenance Habits

Although vinyl siding is relatively resistant to extreme weather conditions, it is important to regularly inspect your siding, especially after severe weather events, and make the necessary repairs. You should regularly do routine inspections to look for cracks, exposed nails, or other issues.

Poor Installation 

When replacing your siding, you want a professional installation by experienced remodelers. A quality installation job will lead to fewer issues in the future.

Roof Issues

Your roof affects many aspects of your house, including the siding. If missing shingles or damage to your roof allow moisture in, it can eventually affect the stability of your siding. Routine maintenance and repair of any issues on your roof are important for keeping your house protected from the elements and to help ensure your siding does its job.


Severe weather can cause damage that is not always visible without previous routine maintenance inspections. Hail, ice, and high winds are just some weather conditions that can cause visible or even unseen damage to your siding. Although vinyl siding is more resistant to severe weather, it is still important to keep an eye out for obvious damage and consider that there may be unseen damage as well.


Ultraviolet light can eventually cause discoloring and fading. However, vinyl panels made with specialized Gelroy resin retain their color much longer. When you choose the best products on the market, your siding will have a consistent, pleasant aesthetic, increasing your home’s curb appeal.

Loud Siding

A telltale sign of a poorly installed siding consists of temperature fluctuations and noise from your siding, particularly during high winds. When you choose the right company to install your new siding, you can rest assured that our team at Best Buy Windows and Siding will properly install your siding. Proper installation allows for expansion and contraction, restricting a lot of unpleasant noises.

Vinyl Siding Installation & Repair in Dallas

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