Energy Efficient Low E Window Installation from Best Buy Windows

“E” stands for “emissivity.” Emissivity is the relative power of a surface, in this case glass, to emit heat by radiation. Low-E windows from your Plano TX window installation company offer one of the most technologically advanced energy efficiency offerings on the market. Best Buy Windows & Siding offers Low-E glass windows to help insulate against heat and cold that can seep into your home and increase the cost of energy expenses.

Low-E windows are coated with a micro-thin layer of metal, which helps retard the absorption of heat from outside, insulating against any variation in temperature during any season. There are two types of Low-E glass:

  • Hard Coat Low-E Glass
  • Soft Coat Low-E Glass

Hard coat Low-E glass contains a thin layer of molten tin poured on to a sheet of glass while the glass is slightly liquefied. Hard coat windows typically have a bluish tint. Soft coat Low-E glass has zinc, silver, or tin applied to the glass in a vacuum. The glass is encased in an electrically charged gas vacuum where molecules of metal coat the glass in a thin delicate layer. Because oxidation is possible, soft coat Low-E glass is usually insulated in a glass assembly with the soft coating in between two pieces of glass. Soft coat glass has the ability to reflect more heat back to the source giving it a higher resistance to heat loss.

According to a listing on the Energy Star U.S. government website, an added benefit to Low-E windows is the protection of fabrics of home furnishings.

New homebuyers often spend thousands of dollars decorating their homes — from furniture and floor coverings to window treatments and artwork. Without high performance windows that block damaging ultraviolet radiation, these furnishings will fade and degrade over time.

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