How to Choose the Right Window Colors for Your Home

New windows can provide a beautiful lift to the look of your home. But before selecting the right windows, you must consider the style you want. One of the big questions to ask is, what color will work in your home? Knowing if dark colors will work over bold colors when picking siding or windows can be fun. However, more options available than ever can make your decision harder. 

At Best Buy Windows and Siding, we’ve helped many customers select windows they love, so we’re familiar with the ins and outs of window colors. Here are some of our top tips to ensure you end up with windows that shine.

Match Your Existing Color Palette

If you love the exterior colors of your home, then stick to that palette when picking your window color. This doesn’t mean your only option is blue if you have blue siding. Staying in the same palette means choosing a color that’s the same tone. Blue is a calm tone, so you should choose another cool shade, such as sage green, gray, or muted plum.

As a general rule of thumb, warm colors such as tan, red, yellow, or brown are considered more traditional house colors. Cool shades, especially gray tones, have a more modern feel. Both black and white work with either palette, so those are always a good option. There’s no right answer here; pick the palette you love, and we’ll do the leg work!

Do You Want the Color to Enhance or Disguise?

Another important factor is how much attention you want to draw to your windows. To make them pop against the background of the siding, pick more vibrant or bold colors. Another option is to choose black window frames for a light-colored house or white ones to contrast with a dark shade. The more contrast between the house’s exterior colors and the window frames, the more noticeable the windows will be. 

On the other hand, you may prefer your windows to have a more subtle presence. In this case, try to stay close to the house color. Light gray window frames against a medium gray house create a sophisticated look that balances the different elements. 

Match Your Existing Decor

The most striking home decor doesn’t just bring different beautiful things into the same house. Truly unique decor comes together in a unified look. A house built with modern architecture has even more impact when its interior is sleek and sophisticated. A friendly farmhouse that’s full of casual, inviting decor feels right. 

Windows can be an important part of this harmony. Each home style has a type of window that fits its look best, including the colors you choose. To create a more casual, rustic look, set off the windows with a contrasting color frame. To lean more modern, pick a monochromatic look.

For the best decor fit possible, you can opt for custom-designed windows. Work with our experts to create windows that will make your house look exceptional. You don’t have to settle for the same windows your neighbors have; a well-thought-out design can have a considerable impact.

For Help with Choosing the Right Windows, Rely on the Experts!

Selecting new windows doesn’t have to be a complicated process. At Best Buy Windows and Siding, we love to help our customers find windows they love. Our seasoned experts are here to walk you through the options and find the perfect ones for you. For more information and to see what we have available, please contact us today.


Image Credit: CreateLab, Shutterstock

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